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I created my first sculpture at the age of 8. 40 years later I produced my second.

Craig Brown is a self taught welded metal sculptor whose work is unique and intuitive.

" I strive to incorporate my personality and love for life into each sculpture. Beginning a new career as an artist at 48 has been a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. It brings me indescribable joy to be able to share my gift with others. At first it was difficult to sell my creations, each was like my own child. I am now honored and have a profound sense of respect for the collector who spends their hard earned money to own a piece of art that I brought into reality from my mind's eye."

From the time he was a small child he knew that he wanted to create art.

He ignored his inner voice and pursued a career in business.

"I am 54 and remember as if it was yesterday, finding the rear flap of a metal shopping cart. I took it home and with various metal objects from our "Junk Drawer" created a face by attaching them with twists of copper wire. My Mother was delighted with my "Masterpiece" and hung it on my bedroom wall. I would stare at it and tell myself that someday I would learn to weld and create sculpture, never realizing it would take over 45 years to become a reality."

In 1999 due to some amazing coincidences and the kindness of strangers, Craig took a course to learn basic welding technique. Craig and his wife Sherril have collected art for over 30 years, their passion is sculpture. Influenced by being exposed to a wide variety of art made a remarkable impact on Craig. A decision was made, a studio was opened, the ideas and designs that had been bubbling just below the surface for many years burst forward.

Craig uses TIG and MIG welding to create his distinctive metal sculptures ranging in size from table top to monumental. He works in Stainless Steel (type 316L) , Carbon Steel and Cor-Ten. All of his designs are original one of a kind creations. No molds or castings are used. Each piece is hand fabricated by Craig in his Long Island studio. Many styles and techniques have been explored. His current works are a blend of abstract and figurative featuring negative space and exploring various ladder themes. Craig uses ladders as metaphors for life, passage of time, and as a way for his wonderful hand made stainless steel figures to communicate. He moves forward and lets his spirit guide him, vowing to never ignore his inner voice again. He is pleasantly surprised by the final result, as many pieces are worked in a "dream-state". "While searching for my passion I experimented with many styles. To view some of my favorite early works" please click here.

Craig exhibits in fine art shows. He loves meeting collectors. His indoor work is primarly sold through art galleries. His prior international business relationships have opened the doors to being collected in Europe, the Far East, as well as in America. Please check the NEWS section for show schedules.

Craig welcomes commission and collaborative opportunities

Craig and Sherril Brown love art and have been collectors for over 30 years.

Their passion is sculpture.

Together they design and create original contemporary one of a kind welded metal sculpture.
(To view a slide show of the process, please scroll ALL the way to the bottom of this page.)

Their designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, their life experiences and many times from their dreams.

All of the artwork is produced in their own studio in Plainview New York. Each piece is hand crafted. State of the art equipment and old fashioned hammer and anvil techniques are combined to produce beautiful results.

Various metals are used including Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze and Copper. Finishes used include High Polishing, Wire Brushing, Swirling, Burnishing, Glass Bead Blasting, Painting and Powder Coating. Some pieces are allowed to age naturally to a deep rich Rust Patina.

Their distinctive sculptures range in size from table top to monumental for residential , public and commercial properties.

Working together, Craig and Sherril draw their sculpture or furniture design. They decide which materials and finish will be used. A model is usually built and a final design is agreed upon.

Craig begins to create the artwork they envisioned in their minds eye. Many times the plan is modified.

As the work progresses they become more inspired watching their concept become a three dimensional reality.
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